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Avalon Johnson, Classical Academy High - Oncofertility Conference 2014

poster johnson

The trip to Chicago was absolutely amazing. As my first scientific conference, it was the experience of a lifetime. I got to meet scientist from around the world and discuss with them their research. The trip helped me better understand what department of science I want to study in college. The content of the conference was fascinating, I loved seeing how quickly science is progressing. The opportunity to present my own personal research after the conference was awesome. All of the other scientist and doctors that came to my poster were very supportive and interested. They talked to me as if I was a fellow colleague, which made my desire to become a scientist in the future even stronger. Looking at some of the other posters made me want to do more research and solve more scientific mysteries. Overall, the trip to Chicago was perfectly balanced between educational and exciting. I hope I have many more scientific conferences in my future.