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Tyra Wu, Carlsbad High School - Oncofertility Conference 2014

poster wu

Attending the Oncofertility Conference this September was a unique experience that really gave me insight on the medical field. Throughout the day, there were several presentations on the ground-breaking discoveries that doctors from around the world had made in the field of oncofertility. It was amazing hearing such recently developed techniques, Aside from the presentations, we were also given the opportunity to speak with professionals about our posters. We also became friends with the OSA Chicago girls, who were also presenting their posters as well.

In addition to the conference, we toured Northwestern's Evanston campus the next day. Despite the heat, I really enjoyed Northwestern's beautiful campus. Afterwards, we were able to tour the chemistry lab. We even got to see a MRI of a rabbit's brain on a 3-D screen and zinc sparks! Overall, the Chicago trip was worthwhile and such a great learning experience.