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Oncofertility Science Academy at UC San Diego 2019

Class of 2019

I. Session #1: July 13, 2019 Reproductive Biology

Faculty: Irene Su, M.D., MSEC, Michael Hsieh, M.D., Shunichi Shimasaki, Ph.D., Heidi Cook-Andersen, M.D., Ph.D., REI fellows( maybe)

II. Session #2: July 20, 2019  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Related Metabolic Disorders

Morning Session:
Faculty: R. Jeffrey Chang, M.D., Nai-Wen Chi, M.D.

Afernoon Session:
Field Trip to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) July 25, 2019
Dr. Leonard Sender, Pediatric Oncology and Oncofertility

III. Session #3: July 27, 2019 Invitro Fertilization

Site: Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Faculty: Amro Hamdoun, Ph.D.

Afernoon Session:
Site: Reproductive Partners- La Jolla Regional Fertility Center, Scripps Xi-Med Building
Faculty: H. Irene Su, M.D., MSCE, Analisa Yeo, Laboratory Suvervisor and Nursing Staff

Field Trip to San Diego Zoo Safari Park August 2, 2019
Dr. Barbara Durrant and Staff

IV. Session #4, August 3, 2019 Ethics in Reproduction and Oncofertility 

Faculty: Hiral Dave, M.D.

Field Trip to Pfizer August 6, 2019

V. Session #5, August 3, 2019 Cancer Biology

Site: Moores Cancer Center

Faculty: Ramez N. Eskander, M.D., David Schlaepfer, Ph.D., Diana de Rosa, MS, CGC, Rebecca Rakow-Penner M.D., Ph.D.
Gynecologic Oncology Fellows (2019): Lindsey Charo, M.D., Jessica Jou, M.D.

Afernoon Session:
Site: BSB, 1st floor, Pathology teaching lab, Room 1212
Faculty: R. Jeffrey Chang, M.D., Dr. Ericka Senegar-Mitchell

Closing Program, August 17, 2019

Student Abstracts

Read the abstracts of the 2019 ROSA academy.

Download Abstracts (PDF)

Student Posters

Read the student posters of the 2019 ROSA academy.

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